K72881 - 10' Ball Stops with Plates

10' Ball Stops with Plates

$1,595.00/20' SECTION

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› Starter System› 2 poles and 20’ long net.› Sold by 20' Section

The #806 stands 10' tall with 200 lb. weather treated netting. The poles are above ground with a platform base; designed to be weighted with sand tubes. The poles are easily set up/or moved. A cable runs through the top and bottom of the net to minimize sag and prevent balls from rolling underneath. The #807 is identical to the #806 but with ground sleeves. Poles are easily removed from ground sleeves for quick take down of the system. Ground sleeve caps included.
Ball Stops
Atheletic fiels are often shared amongst various sports and activities. This situation often creates interference and congestions. The Gill Ball Stops can prevent some of the chaos by constraining stray balls to rheir respective fields of play. Much time can also be saved by not having to chase down errant shots on goal, etc. Net bottom unhooks for convenient passage between venues.

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