K10550 - Cut-N-Level Drag

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Cut-N-Level Drag


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LEVELS FIELD: By adjusting the blades the operator cuts down dirt build-up. The dirt is carried by the blades, as the drag passes over holes it is then deposited in the holes leaving a smooth and level surface.PICKS UP STONES: Rocks and stones are removed by placing a screen above the frame and adjusting the blade so that they scrape up rocks lying on the field. This directs the rocks onto the screen that is made of wire mesh.HELPS DRY WET FIELDS: By adjusting the blades to shave the top layers of dirt, the drag will mix wetter top dirt with dryer low dirt. By rolling this mixture along and exposing it to the air, a dryer dirt will deposit on the field.

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Weight: 220 lbs.

The Cut-N-Level drag is designed for grooming the surface of playing fields. It features flat steel cutting blades and a screen for rock removal. The cutting blades are slotted and attached to the main frame with bolts, allowing the operator to adjust the blades for the desired depth of cut. Used in routine maintenance, the Cut-N-Level drag can be used for rock removal, smoothing and leveling the field as the need arises, saving hundreds of man-hours normally needed to do these jobs. Frame and blades are galvanized. Size 6' wide x 4'6" deep.